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BIO-INSECTARIES SOUTH AFRICA (BISA) is a Close Corporation which was established in 2005 with the main purpose of commercializing biological fly control technology in South Africa.

A modern, well equipped Insectary near Jeffreys Bay was established to produce parasitized fly pupae for distribution to a wide variety of livestock related enterprises in South Africa. The BISA insectarium is managed by the Entomologist, Willem du Toit and his wife Tertia du Toit with years of experience of insect breeding under South African conditions.

BISA has close ties with the National Wool Growers Association of South Africa and has expanded its product range to include the Luci-trap biological sheep blow-fly control system and Nylon Wool packs for packing of wool for the South African and global markets.

BISA has seven shareholders with a Board of Directors managing the general affairs of the business.